Digital Navigation

for the construction, planning and maintenance of infrastructure projects

Built for project teams: GPS navigation in construction plans and satellite map with georeferenced photos, centimeter-accurate measurement, as-built documentation and collaboration.


SitePlan enables project teams to navigate PDF plans and a satellite map with their phone GPS. The plans are simply converted into digital GPS maps. This finally replaces paper plans.


Always correctly oriented thanks to GPS


Fast localization of plan objects such as lines


Avoidance of line damage

Document and collaborate

Photos taken are also automatically located with their geoposition on the plans and on the map. All data such as plans and photos are available to the entire project team in real time. This creates ideal conditions for efficient construction documentation and smooth project handling.


Always the latest plans on your mobile device


GPS location of photos on plans/map


Easy creation of evidence-proof photo reports including location information


Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to a GNSS smart antenna such as the Leica GG04 plus and you'll get centimeter-accurate positioning. This makes staking out, centimeter-accurate as-built documentation and digital field measurements a breeze.


No more time-consuming measuring work using tapes and strings


No more time-consuming field measurements using sheets and a wheel


Centimeter-accurate documentation of construction work and local conditions such as lines and pipes.

The whole construction
site in your hands.

Radical ease of use.

Some of our successful customers

A look at the SitePlan app, which shows my position on the plan, is done much faster than a look at a paper plan, in which I first have to orientate myself. This means that I know in shortest time where something has to be built and where the underground utilities run so as not to damage them during the excavation work. In addition, the laborious and time-consuming measuring work using tapes and strings is finally no longer necessary. And what's so great: SitePlan is so easy to use that even my colleague, who was about to retire, was able to work independently with it after 10 minutes of training.

Reinhold Schnelzer, Foreman, PORR Group

Test now 30 days free of charge

SitePlan is free to try for the first 30 days. The free trial will expire automatically. You will receive an e-mail notification before the trial expires.

Get to know the many advantages of digital navigation for the construction, planning and maintenance of infrastructure projects. 

You can start immediately without a GNSS smart antenna.
Available for iOS, Android and Web.

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